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Take advantage of the 32,000 eCover template possibilities
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Only thing is that the bonuses will be removed.
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Bonus 1

Designer / Developer Rights
During this special launch we’re offering Designer / Developer Rights for free –you can sell any designs you make as your own and collect 100% of the profits.
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If You Want To Create These Types of eCovers Quickly (In Minutes) and Without A Ton of Headaches and Frustration, Then You Need To Upgrade To Pixel Studio FX Pro Right Now!
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And the other 2%?

They may have god like graphic design powers, but it still takes them a ton of time to make just one eCover.

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If you’re doing anything online or have any type of online business, I can just about guarantee that you’ll have an eCover problem here AND in the future.

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I have to warn you though, you might short circuit when you see all of the templates and possibilities you’ll have access to with Pixel Studio FX Pro.

It’ll be just like going to your favorite candy store, but times a thousand!

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We’d rather over deliver and give you a ton more than to leave you feeling like we’re just a raggedy ol’ 1998 eCover software generator downloaded from

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Look, you already believe in the power that Pixel Studio FX 3.0 brings right? So investing in Pixel Studio FX Pro is the next logical step.  I’m sure you’d agree.
And Yes, These Things Still Apply:
Removing the normal monthly fee of (put fee here)
Boost your eCover template access to 6X the normal amount
Protected by my no risk money back guarantee
Save you a ton of time and headache with your eCover design
Upgrade you to developer designer rights (for free) so you can make a killing with Pixel Studio FX Pro if you decide to
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100% Money Back Guarantee
Get Access Now For $288/Annual Only $67 One-Time… Hurry Act Now
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